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At RedShift, we host all our servers at WorldClass Datacenters worldwide, ensuring highest uptime commitments for all our Customers. Clients trust us with our hosting uptime. We have various well-defined processes in place to ensure greater than 99.999% uptime.
Network Uptime
The RedShift network has been engineered from the ground up to accommodate the high-availability demands of the internet's most popular websites. The datacenter and network have been optimized for outsourcing web servers. RedShift utilizes connections to multiple backbones to ensure that data reaches the end-user in the fastest, most efficient manner possible. We also have peering agreements with local ISPs to allow fast delivery of packets when possible.
We have monitoring systems which check uptime of not just our servers, but also EVERY service and resource of our servers. If there is ANY alert for any server all our support engineers are immediately alerted in the office. Additionally if this issue is not resolved within 5 minutes, then the issue is escalated, and SMS alerts are sent every 5 minutes to everyone including our Management, with the name of the server, and the problem with that server, until the issue is resolved. This allows us to detect and resolve any issue within minutes of it happening.


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