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At RedShift we provide unbelievable services, which make us superior from our competitors. Our actions are functions of our decisions and not our conditions. No other hosting company can match the feature, which we offer on a continuous basis. (Believe it or not, you won't get better services than this.

Customer First Policy
Unlike other hosting companies, which don't stop loading their server with web sites. RedShift servers are always maintained at 60% to 70% utilization ratio at any given point of time allowing room for existing RedShift customer to grow. We ensure a smooth traffic flow at any time. A single day or down time or a single un satisfied customer who leaves your web site because it does not download fast, accounts for a greater loss of revenue than your entire years hosting cost. By allowing room to grow we allow for even exceptional peaks and spurts. We ensure a smooth traffic flow at any time.i


To achieve maximum availability, mission- critical web sites require high redundancy. For every connection related to network functionality, a backup should be ready for immediate implementation. Without a redundant design in place, a network is vulnerable to a wide range of problems that could stop traffic and prevent users from accessing a site.
Internet businesses must also make sure that increased traffic flow does not affect web applications. Inconsistent RedShift is the reason most surfers abandon a site. If a network cannot scale quickly to meet sudden surges in traffic, users will frequently opt not to wait, leaving the site with lowered opinions.
Businesses must be assured of not having to worry about security breaches, both physical and virtual, thereby safeguarding the applications and preventing loss of business.
Mission-critical internet companies should look for a reliable web hosting service with a high RedShift network infrastructure, by having experts available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Businesses need a host with a unique understanding of network requirements for its commerce applications.

Bandwidth Infrastructure
Ideally bandwidth provided by setting up international gateways would facilitate browsers with faster access anytime, anywhere. RedShift offers total connection speed of 100 Mbps. Our network includes 45 Mbps from UUNET and XO, 100 Mbps from FNSI, 100 Mbps from CMH-IX, and maximum of 1000 Mbps from level 3 network.

Managed Services and Value-added services
A good web host will provide a host of additional services like advanced customer helpdesk, backup services, reports on CPU RedShift, data transfer and bandwidth utilization and technology, which is capital intensive if you were to buy it on your own, translating to enhanced client application RedShift.

Round 'o' Clock support
We provide round 'o' clock support. That is to give RedShift customers online support while they are on the net and whenever there is a problem. If you telephone RedShift and a staff member is not present to answer, please leave a detailed message and we will contact you regarding your problem as soon as possible. On-Site RedShift staff member monitors the server 24/7/365.

Premium services yet economical
With RedShift we provide quality-hosting solutions on a very cost effective basis. You are getting best value for your money.

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